Analizzatori fm

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The AUDEMAT FM MC5 is the most comprehensive and versatile measurement platform available for FM in the world today. The system offers both mobile RF coverage measurement and extensive modulation analysis in a single comprehensive system

Deva | Radio Explorer II
Radio Explorer II is a product designed to work in the most dynamic environment – in the field where the listeners are. This device is the perfect tool for the evaluation and monitoring of the signal strength and quality.

DEVA | DB3010
DB3010 monitoring solution has a built-in sensitive and high-selective DSP-based tuner that allows the FM and online stream of the station to be selected, monitored and listened to. You can constantly monitor the sound of your station, measure and store data for future analysis. DB3010 comes with a built-in RDS/RBDS decoder for self-monitoring purposes.

Deva | DB7007
DB7007 is a second generation digitally-tuned FM Re-Broadcast Receiver. Considering the needs of the most demanding broadcasters and continuously supplementing new features to our devices, DEVA has enhanced DB7007 to be smarter and fully functional unit, equipped with two high-selective DSP-based FM tuners.