Sappiamo come trattare il vostro prezioso Audio! Vi proponiamo Sistemi robusti ed affidabili per il trasferimento Audio di qualità tramite la rete internet. Soluzioni per tutte le applicazioni: dalla più economica a quella con altissime prestazioni con tutte le ridondanze necessarie. Processori Audio per un suono fluido personalizzato sulle vostre musicalità. Processori dedicati al mondo FM con coder RDS e Stereo incorporati.


LUCI Software
LUCI Live transforms your PC or Smartphone into a high-quality, live internet broadcasting source. With the availability of mobile or fixed-line internet access and the use of LUCI Live, the cost of live broadcasting is practically zero. LUCI Live includes the built-in option of recording while broadcasting live. It also has the renowned LUCI engine ‘under the hood’, so you can depend on reliable technology and software while enjoying features like input equalizing and support for high-quality accessories. LUCI Live can even play pre-recorded material during a live broadcast!

Luci Live for Enterprice
Being a member of our Enterprise Licensing Program is the answer if you have purchased large and multi platform quantities of LUCI LIVE or LUCI CUSTOM licenses and want to manage these yourself in order to move your licenses around. You either pay once and buy licenses and a yearly subscription fee in order to manage these with your dedicated account in the LUCI License Manager; or you subscribe to both your app and the LUCI License Manager. Being a member means you can then deactivate and activate your licenses in order to change devices, platforms and / or users.

DB91-RX is a second generation IP Audio decoder to support all popular compressed and uncompressed audio streams. The new compact IP audio decoder comes with a built-in MP3 to enhance even more its uncompromising reliability.

The DB91-TX is DEVA 2nd generation converter that translates the audio signal into a high quality compressed audio stream. The audio compression is performed in real time, and the output signal is transmitted directly over IP-based networks.

World Cast Systems | APT IP SILVER
The APT IP ENCODER Silver and IP DECODER Silver (formerly known as Stream-In/Stream-Out Silver) combine to enable affordable yet professional delivery of audio content over IP networks. Low on cost but rich in features, these units are perfect for standard broadcast applications such as STLs.

DEVA | DB 9000 RX
The DB9000-RX is a reliable IP to Audio decoder, designed to support HE-AAC and MPEG-1 Layer 3 compressed audio streams and PCM uncompressed stream for audio transmission without quality loss.

DEVA | DB 9000 TX
The DB9000-TX is a multi protocol Audio over IP encoder, operating with either analog or digital audio. The signal compression is performed in real time and transmitted via TCP/ IP-based network to one or multiple decoders.

The APT IP CODEC (formerly known as WorldCast Horizon NextGen) offers the most complete set of IP features ever included in APT’s extensive range and features both our revolutionary “SureStream” technology and intelligent ScriptEasy scripting.

The APT MULTI-CHANNEL CODEC is a compact and efficient solution for the transport of multiple channels of audio or MPX content over IP links. It can support up to 16 channels of audio within a single unit of rackspace – and even more IP streams when using multicast or multiple unicast technology.

APT Surestreamer
APT SURESTREAMER can sit in front of any existing single port IP Audio Codec from any manufacturer enabling the use of widely available, affordable IP connections to deliver broadcast-grade audio with no interruptions, glitches or drop-outs. It continues to provide a seamless audio stream, even when one of the contributory links suffers a total Loss of Connection.

APT IP/ISDN CODEC (formerly known as WorldCast Equinox) is a multi-algorithm, fully duplex, stereo audio codec offering IP, ISDN and X.21 / V.35 connections.
Designed primarily for studio to transmitter links and interstudio networking applications, the APT IP/ISDN CODEC provides a reliable platform for the transport of broadcast grade audio with 24/7/365 reliability.



DEVA | DB6400
Processore audio a 4 bande di alta qualità
La lunga esperienza con il massimo livello delle tecnologie Broadcast e l’indiscussa esperienza del nostro team di ingegneri hanno portato alla creazione di un nuovissimo strumento di elaborazione audio: il processore audio a 4 bande DB6400 FM.


Il tanto atteso DB6400 è uno strumento innovativo con un design basato su DSP a bassissima latenza per una qualità audio senza rivali. Ha un IP Audio Player integrato che supporta i formati audio MP3 e PCM, oltre a un codificatore RDS completamente dinamico. Risolve il problema del dead-air passando rapidamente ad una fonte Audio di backup e inviando una notifica via email.


L’encoder stereo basato su DSP del DB6400 garantisce la precisione del segnale MPX con controllo di picco avanzato e due uscite MPX composite configurabili in modo indipendente. Il DB6400 offre una perfetta chiarezza audio indipendentemente dalla sorgente. Un’architettura di elaborazione completa: AGC a banda larga con “Intelligent Gating”, equalizzatore parametrico a 4 bande, controlli avanzati per bassi e acuti, processore audio a 4 bande di alta qualità con controllo fedeltà e impatto sonoro, limitatore a 4 bande, limitatore FM con controllo della distorsione, Controllo pre-enfasi ed HD Lookahead Limiter .

The DB64-FM is the ultimate audio processing solution offered by DEVA bringing to you unheard-of balance between performance and price. It guarantees perfect clarity of sound and a multitude of features that are unrivalled in its class.

The DB6000-STC is the groundbreaking new broadcasting tool by DEVA. Fully BS412-compliant and compatible with all types of transmitters, it offers a consistent level of high-quality sound, detects silence and ensures a constant audio feed.

Sound4 Series
The SOUND4 IMPACT incorporates a unique processing chain with innovative approach which is even described as revolutionary by its first users.

Sound4 Impact
SOUND4 FM/HD Processor integrate a very new approach intended to reduce sound change when a receiver switch in Mono, the result is mayzing!

Sound4 Stream x 8
PCI Express x1 card (compatible with x2, x4, x8, x16 slots) 100% autonomous in terms of resources. Ethernet 100 Base T Livewire compatible DSP computing power: 8 Giga Flops (Sharc 40 bits with floating point).

HQSound ­Processor
HQSound®! According to our customers, it is the most incredible dynamic processing engine ever made. It features higher sampling rates 192 kHz / 1.5 MHz, extended FM bandwidth to 17 kHz, low delay: IBRIDI TELEFONICI

Telephone hybrid ALO is a fully electronic and have active circuits that not require the use of transformers in all versions of the product (1, 2 and 3 lines). Biquad Broadcast has implemented the ECO OFF, an intelligent echo cancellation system that reduce feedback more than 50dB.

ALO 2 – ALO 3
The ideal interface telephone hybrid for your station is ALO. With the ALO interface, your listeners will have a true voice on the radio. Avoid distortion and noise in the audio while maintaining high quality standard in communication with the station. Canceling feedback and tinny sound.


HP 600
HP-600 has 6 individual headphone amplifiers that can supply up to 12 headphones (2 for each amplifier) developed to perform with extreme quality and definition of the audio reproduction in high quality headphones. The amplifiers use as a main component the IC TPA6120 that provides current up to 700mA with a minimum of 8 Ohms and dynamic range higher than 120dB, that is, the component characteristics used to amplify the audio combined with the professional design of the other circuits make the HP-600 a reference headphone amplifier to be used in professional applications.

DIST 28 has two balanced inputs with XLR connectors on the back panel and two Thru outputs that can be used for many equipments without occupying one of the distribution outputs. dist28 front The audio levels can be controlled on the front panel and visualized through the digital VU. There is a button that allows to work with stereo signals or mono signals. For the stereo format, there are 2 independent channels (L/R) on input for 4 stereo independent sets on output (L/R). For the mono format, the input channels (L/R) are added (L+R) and distributed on all 8 outputs.

Articulated microphone arm with innovative design and high visual impact. The TOP ARM microphone arms was made with fluid design that can harmonize with any work environment providing ergonomic, practicality, safety and durability, causing a great visual impact in the studio.

It has injected joints in high mechanical resistance material, aluminum body tube with exclusive design and anodized treatment, spring and a high quality audio cable incorporated to the product.